Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

Tactical shooting game with precision shots at targets

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Game developer City Interactive has created a heart-pounding simulator of what it is like to be behind enemy lines with the thrilling first-person shooter Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2.

When most players debate the merits of a specific first-person shooter, quite a bit of it often comes down to theatrics on a large scale, heavy gunfire, a huge amount of weaponry, eye-catching graphics, or non-stop action. While each of these components do have a place in the world of gaming, many fans are also on the search for a title that can produce all of the nerve-wracking complexity and competition with a little more sophistication and at a slower pace. There is where Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 comes in, an exciting first-person shooter that offers players one of the most realistic approaches to long-distance shooting mechanics.

The plotline of this title is fair, but obviously not something that had too much thought put into it. Playing as a CIA operative named Cole Anderson, the campaign will last about 8 hours, much of which seems choreographed right from the start. While the levels do vary between various slums, mountains, and jungles, the overall path of each shot seems as if it was completely scripted beforehand and players are in on it for the ride. Throughout the game, players get their orders through hilariously over-the-top banter, but all of this can be excused when it comes to actually taking those precious few shots and getting the kill.

Many of the leading FPS titles do have a number of factors taken into consideration during shooting, but few feel as fluid and realistic as Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. This begins with picking a position such as crouching or laying, slowing the character’s heart rate, and then making adjustments for movement, wind, and gravity before taking the final shot. Much like the campaign, competitive multiplayer matches are straightforward and there is not much in the way of tactics outside of understanding bullet physics and remaining as patient and calm as possible.

While this game is relatively well-put together and meets its overall goals while staying within an exceptionally strict development budget, it does leave a few things to be desired. For those who enjoy games of a slower pace with a few dramatically satisfying action scenes, this may be a great option to peruse through the campaign or multiplayer servers for a few decent matches.


  • Extremely complex bullet and shot mechanics
  • Satisfying cut scenes for successful shots
  • Each level has a unique design and feel to it


  • Overall plotline is weak and punctuated by second-rate voice acting
  • Body mechanics of enemies is robotic
  • Options for tactics during the campaign is extremely limited.

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